Seira’s ballet diaries

My journey as an adult ballet dancer thus far

A personal archive of my journey learning ballet in my adult years:

Here is my dance story.

My first days back dancing as an adult and how I got into RAD classes.

My challenges with flexibility and how I overcome them.

My first ballet exam: RAD Intermediate 2013

My second ballet exam: RAD Advanced One

2015 update:
It’s a slow down for me this year and probably over the next 2 years in ballet training.

I’m currently

1) working on basics for greater precision – glissades, assembles, jetes

2) learning coordination for advanced steps: Grand jetes, fouettes saute, saut de chat, tombe coupe jetes etc.

3) working on my hamstring and glutes for increased flexibility

4) learning Adv 2 syllabus

5) working on artistry by learning variations.

Read my twitter diary for on the go updates!

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