lifted pelvis

Hi everyone, this is the first article of my “advanced’ series on Adult Ballet Diaries. I’m not professing to be an pro dancer, but I am spending some time studying with professionals about how to get there. These notes are also the result of my personal observations. I thought since adult dancers may not have access to these information, that I’ll share it here. Feel free to disagree! – Seira.


One of the main things I’m working in order to become a more advanced dancer is to try to instill the habit of lifting and engaging the pelvis.

How to lift the pelvis?

First of all, place your pelvis into a neutral position.

align your pelvis to neutral position. Lift but do not tuck.

Align your pelvis to neutral position. Lift but do not tuck.

Feel your hipbones.

Then imagine pulling/lifting your hipbones up and try to insert them into your armpits. Of course, anatomically speaking this is impossible, but the right feeling of pull or lift is what we want to get.

lifted pelvis

This little ballerina froggy shows us how she lifts her pelvis, so her tummy is “up” and above it.

I should think about lifting the pelvis when I am at the

1. Barre

When standing in first or 5th at the barre. I think about keeping my pelvis in a neutral position and imagine inserting my hip bones under my arm pits

2. Plies

When I’m doing demi-plies and ‘going down’, I’m still lifting my pelvis as I do so.

3. Tendus

When I’m sending my leg out, I lift the pelvis and stand taller and same as I tendu to close back into 1st position or 2nd position (of the feet)

4. Fondus

Especially in fondu devant and derriere. I need to lift and not release the pelvis to create a “crocodile’s mouth” like this shape “<” . I need to keep the pencil test in my mind.

5. Arabesque

This gives a better and more engaged look. My lines will look longer.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive.

Make the ‘Lifted Pelvis’ Into A Habit

The ideal situation is that I will lift my pelvis unconsciously.

I realize I’m fighting personal habits as I tend to sink in and slightly slouch as I’m sitting , walking, and generally moving when I’m out of the studio.

I’ve been working on this for months and it has gotten better but I’m not there yet.

  1. The first stage is knowledge.
  2. The 2nd stage is being aligned properly and being introduced to the feeling and its sensation (of the correct lifted pelvis posture)
  3. The 3rd stage is gaining the awareness of it during your dancing
  4. The 4th stage is to get the strength to maintain it in ‘stillness’ and then in movement.
  5. The 5th stage is being aware of the lags in your training. This refers to the areas where you tend to release the pelvis (and not lift it).
  6. The 6th stage is to keep practicing until your body is strong enough, well aware and becomes a habit.


I’m not quite there yet, but I am working on it!

Happy dancing! Love, Seira.