By Jacqueline
From: Sacramento, CA (USA)

I began dance at age 6-12 years of age I barely got into intermediate my last year in ballet. I wanted to continue dancing but my father, did not want to pay for my classes anymore. So I was very crushed, I enjoyed it and I wanted to receive my first pointe shoes.

I wanted to dance in shows and recitals, I wanted to be an ballerina as well. I wanted to take the stage, I wished to be among one of many of the talented dancers out there, who became somebody or at least known for having an natural gift of dance.

I truly was happiest dancing, sometimes it took most of my focus. School, boys and friends of course meant something to me but when I danced I realized that all the things that id think of daily would just disappear. Dancing was my way of expression and I felt so free and that I was meant for it.

However since my father refused to continue paying, I couldn’t pursue ballet anymore in my remainder of childhood to young adulthood. When I graduated from high school I promised myself that I would dance again, that I would learn ballet all over again. That I would not give up! But I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to achieve it.

I became an working woman, who left the nest and was living my life. Even though i made it okay on my own, i honestly was struggling along the way. I moved, I changed jobs, went back to school, but I always looked up ballet schools and instructors to make plans to begin dance.

But it never worked out that way, I had made many attempts to save money for classes, but had ended up having to use my savings onto rent, food and other things to survive.

It was disappointing to me, and sometimes heart breaking as well because I really wanted this for myself. But I ended up not being able to afford to, since I was living paycheck to paycheck. Years passed, I took little drop in dance classes some friends would invite me to join, but it wasn’t ballet! I learned a bit of salsa, belly dancing, jazz and hip hop styles. So I did enjoy dancing these styles too. But I still wanted ballet.

I still in my 20’s decided that I will continue to keep faith that I would find a way to learn ballet. So I kept believing that it would come. And at age 30 last oct 2013, it finally became possible. I found an private dance instructor, who was going to teach me beginner ballet for $400.00 monthly, for 8 classes.

Now as of march 2014 I’m still dancing and will be going into intermediate classes since my teacher believes that I have been picking up technique pretty fast. Not to brag lol but my body is acting as if i was in my youth again, I’m 30 and still am extremely flexible! Just as much as back then! And since my body’s muscle memory is coming back! I did remember quite a lot! I surprised myself and my teacher. If any of you have had history in dance, you’d be surprised just how much your body remembers!

I have been training for nearly 6 months now in beginner ballet and have achieved a lot and I have been pleased with my development so far in my technique and flexibility not bad for an 30 year old who sat out for 18 years! Ladies if you want to dance ballet, you can do it! It’s not impossible! Never give up! Dance because you love it, dance for all women of older age and dance for you! It’s never too late!

I just can’t believe I’ve dropped 2 pants sizes and have lost inches of my body! I’m stronger now, my legs look awesome in shorts now lol! I’m almost in full middle splits now!!! Just imagine the possibilities in store.

Good luck in your journey.

Submitted Sat Mar 15 2014