By Mariel Caringal,
From Manila, Philippines

Hi! I am Mariel, 16 years old and currently studying in Manila as a college student. Dancing is my passion. And will always be.

I started dancing when I was in 6th grade. I joined this dance troupe in our school in Bahrain. (middle east hehe). Well, this group is more on interpretative dances. But because of this troupe, i learned how to dance with determination and with heart. I also learned how to discipline myself. I gain many positive things because of dancing and this troupe.

Then, when i was in 3rd year high school, I wanted to learn something new. Something that I really don’t know. And because of the influence of this korean drama which features a girl that is dancing ballet gracefully and beautifully. And that is the time when I was interested in ballet. But unfortunately, ballet classes in Bahrain was too expensive.

And now that I am in college, i have a friend of mine that encourages me to learn ballet. She is a ballet dancer and one of the principal dancers before in her former ballet school. Because of her, i have this excitement to continue what i want to try.

We are planning to enroll in Ballet Philippines next week. It makes me nervous because i really don’t have any idea about ballet. But I hope, my background in dancing can help me adjust in learning ballet. And I hope that it is not too late for me to start learning ballet. 🙂