What are some of your favourite ballet things?

Part of loving ballet is because I get to be part of a certain culture that only exists amongst those who love ballet.

I believe what we have in common is the love of beauty, expression, artistry and the emotion we feel when we dance. People who dance well usually have an healthy sense of believing in themselves, and they have enormous discipline, as well as they are able to take hardship. (I mean, ballet stretching and pointe work is not for the faint-hearted.)

With that being said, lovers of ballet also tend to like to look pretty, have pretty things and tend to be on the girlish side. I’m not saying everyone for sure, but in my own experience, I’ve found that to be true.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed is observing and admiring the pretty things my fellow dancing friends bring to class.

And from them I get inspired and also obtain all sorts of ideas to either spruce up my collection of ballet things or add to them, and find different ways to express myself and love for ballet.

I’ve even gotten inspiration from Youtube videos.

So here is a list of my favourite ballet things, in no particular order:


This has got to be amongst my top favourites! I’m not sure why, after all, they’re just work-out clothes to sweat in.

When I was younger, I had three ballet leotards which lasted me two years of dancing 3-4 times a week. I had one light baby blue leotard and 2 black leotards. Many years ago, leotards used to cost much more than what they do now, well at least in my area where I lived back in Sydney, Australia.

Now, I can’t imagine surviving on three ballet leotards. True, I dance a lot more now, and also the studio that I’m in is not so strict on attire, so that’s why I have more leotards now in more colours and unusual designs.

I reason it this way: Buying a new leotard is the same as buying a new skirt or T-shirt. I’ve since cut down my budget for buying new clothes and decide to spend them on leotards instead. I mean, I calculated…I even get more wears out of my leotards than all the blouses and skirts I have in my wardrobe. So… haha.

Wearing a new leotard makes me excited about class. It also helps me see my body and lines in a new way. Sometimes when I’m dragging myself to class because I’m aching everywhere and stuff, I think about what to wear and that perks me up a bit.

See also how to choose a ballet leotard (and the difference it makes!)

Dance Bags

Maybe I’m a poser, but I especially love to check out the bags that the professional ballet dancers use, especially the female dancers.

Male dancers carry very little, mainly because they don’t have that much ballet things, not like us women: pointe shoes, make up, shoes, hair things etc. Pointe shoes alone make the bag very heavy.

Also, dancers have a certain ‘coolness’ factor, in Singapore we call in ‘sey’ – and I’m not just talking about the professional dancers. I find it interesting to observe how a dancer carries her stuff to class. She may come from school, work or home. It may be in a separate ballet bag or in a big pouch that is in her regular bag. It may just be a bunch of things that she stuffs into her handbag.

Even the way they pack their things, tells me alot about the dancer. Neat, messy, I love them all! I simply find it fascinating.

And as a result, I have many dance bags. I don’t have any bag that is ‘dance bag’ as sold in dance stores, except maybe my Repetto one. I do have a Stella Mccartney for Addidas big bag, which she supposedly designed as a dance bag…

I change them regularly, according to my mood or ‘flavour of the season’ or where I’m coming from. I pop into different studios every now and then, and sometimes I have a different bag for them. I know, I’m obsessed!

Ballet Skirts

For a while, I was obsessed with them. I owned about 2-3 black leotards and probably 5-8 skirts of different style and colour. I would pair them with my black leotards each time.

Ever since I’ve switched studios, skirts are not allowed, so I only use my skirts for open classes when I go with my bunch of adult ballet dancers friends.

I still love them!

Hello Kitty Towel

I know I know, I’m a grown up but I loved Hello Kitty since I was a young child. Back then it was so expensive, and I could only get a Hello Kitty sticker book or pen once a year. I remember when I was 10, I received a Hello Kitty school bag and I used it for years. I refused to part with it even 10 years later.

So now that as a grown up earning my own money and Hello Kitty has also become more affordable, I happily bring my Hello Kitty Towel to wipe off my sweat when I work out in class.

What Are Your Favourite Ballet Things?

So here are mine, what’s yours?