Note: This is edited slightly in spacing for better reading flow. I kept the writing original so that we can feel the dancer through her own words. – Seira

Written by a 28 year old adult dancer with dance injuries

I’m keeping my childhood dreams alive.

Hello fellow ballet dancers!

Beautiful webpage, so happy I found this well.

This is my adult ballet dancing story:

I was three when I stepped into the same studio now where I go to ballet, jazz and tap adult classes on a Saturday morning.

It was 1988, I can see the vision of my Mum, with her wavy hair long floral dress and wedges putting on my little white ballet slippers for me and tying my hair in two pigtails.

The smell of ballet leather, rosin and the musical sound of the piano player, I will never forget. This was my first ballet class.

I ran in so exited into a world of mirrors which transformed into a world of fairies and princesses.

Dancing in my little head was all so magical and led me on stage. I just lit up.

I was with that studio until about 7 years old. And then I switched studios and went to a more local dance school.

I now was at the junior level and it was pretty tough. I got shouted at every week for not knowing my left and right. I coped by focusing on my dream of dancing in a tutu for the swan lake number in the showcase and competition.

Unfortunately my little hopes and dreams were dashed when my arm got broken. My teacher pulled me from the Swan Lake number because she said I had missed too many lessons and rehearsals.

She then placed me with the babies who where from age 4-8. I remembered I was so upset I cried while trying to eat my packed lunch. I always stayed interested but because of my dyspraxia and other problems I piled on weight and my Mum was scared of me getting teased so I quit.

I became an actress. I must say I’m pretty good I love it as much, but the dancing was still in my heart. I was kind of always filled with regret so I enrolled and I tried so so hard in dance college in my teens. I even broke my foot trying, unfortunately I didn’t pick it fast enough and I’m considered weak in my dance technique.

I’ve kept on trying for years on and off and I’ve also been trying to do ballet exams and get back on stage.

Now at the age of 28 I pick up dances better then ever and I’m a better dancer then I’ve ever been.

I pick up fast in my 20’s something. I think something started to click, I can learn a dance in one lesson. I still have to cope with injury in my feet but tape them up (planter fasciitis) and strained knees because I’m still overweight but you know what I don’t care because the dancing is helping me lose it. Thin dancers some who are not as good technically as me sometimes look down their nose because of my size but I refuse to live in a world of broken dreams.

If I don’t keep that spark the child in me felt I won’t be me anymore and will have nothing to give anyone.

Thank you for letting me share my dance story!

Date of Submission Thu Dec 05 2013