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What makes a good dancer?

Maybe I am KAY-POH (meaning, nosy). I don’t do this often, but when I see a beautiful dancer, or a dancer who has a distinctive style, I like to approach the dancer and chat. I plop myself down beside the…

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I was helping my friend with her pirouette that day. She is a beginner adult ballet dancer, with probably about 10 months in with twice-a-week classes. Understandably, almost every adult ballet dancer I meet are obsessed, or rather, pre-occupied with…

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Pull up on that supporting leg!

Pull up, lift up, stand taller, push into the ground more….all these refers to that supporting leg. I had no idea how much I had been “sitting” on my supporting leg, until I began to advance in dancing ballet. Why…

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Straighten that back leg!

A recent habit I’ve been trying to acquire is to lengthen and fully straighten both my legs during a tendu, jete, fondu (or rather, coming up from a fondu), grand battement… and pretty much all the time during ballet class….

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Feeling Stagnant in Learning Ballet? Here’s what to do

I’ve felt rather stagnant in my ballet education for the past 6-8 months, shortly after my Advanced exams and my studio’s year end performance. There were many reasons. I was overseas for a good period of time for work, I…

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