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Increase Your Consciousness and Improve Rapidly

Adult-ballet dancing tips: Read more about increasing your observation skills, the degree of consciousness each time and your focus and how that results in rapid improvement for us adult ballet beginners. Some years ago, in spite of extreme self-consciousness, I…

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I was helping my friend with her pirouette that day. She is a beginner adult ballet dancer, with probably about 10 months in with twice-a-week classes. Understandably, almost every adult ballet dancer I meet are obsessed, or rather, pre-occupied with…

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Stretching before class
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Stretch Before Class!

In my book and in several articles like this one, I have said you don’t need flexibility to start learning ballet and that you will become more flexible over time. At some point however, you would probably want to be…

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Advanced Ballet Exams – Advanced One by the Royal Academy of Dance

This is my story about how I took my Advanced One ballet exams by the Royal Academy of Dance. I took my Advanced one exams about 1.5 years after my Intermediate exam. It was a big jump for me because…

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Learning Ballet As an Adult
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RAD Intermediate Exams as an Adult

How I did my RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) intermediate exams as an adult – why I did it, my training and exams. *** UPDATE: How I did my Advanced one RAD exams. Lots of people ask me why would…

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