Beginner Ballet

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I was helping my friend with her pirouette that day. She is a beginner adult ballet dancer, with probably about 10 months in with twice-a-week classes. Understandably, almost every adult ballet dancer I meet are obsessed, or rather, pre-occupied with…

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Choosing a suitable ballet class for adult ballet dancers
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How to Choose an Adult Ballet Class

And why I prefer the small studio Not sure which adult ballet class to take? Here is how to choose an adult ballet beginners class. I’ve also shared why I prefer the small studio.” There are many places to learn…

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A good teacher's ballet eyes are extremely sharp
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Ballet Eyes

How to develop a good eye for ballet? What does it mean to have “ballet eyes”? This means you are able to see what is correct/incorrect in someone’s dancing as well as find ways to improve their dancing (sometimes it…

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Ballet pencil test
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Ballet Pencil Test (Pelvis Placement)

For years and years, I couldn’t understand why teachers from all the different ballet classes that I had been attending kept harping on my ballet posture placement. They either use both hands to adjust my hip, scratch my hip flexor…

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Basic Ballet Positions

Foundations at the barre – Basic ballet positions of the feet and arms explained. Poise, line and beauty are developed in the art of classical ballet. Even for the simplest movements, correct training is essential. Correct training starts from establishing…

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