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Feeling Stagnant in Learning Ballet? Here’s what to do

I’ve felt rather stagnant in my ballet education for the past 6-8 months, shortly after my Advanced exams and my studio’s year end performance. There were many reasons. I was overseas for a good period of time for work, I…

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Favourite Ballet Videos

Here is a list of my most favourite ballet videos. I watch them for inspiration. Here are my favourite ballet videos! I can’t remember where they all are, so I decided to just put them all on this page. P.s….

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How to take RAD exams as an adult

This is my story of how I managed to learn the RAD ballet syllabus as an adult and eventually take RAD exams. This article is a diary entry on how I managed to take RAD exams in Singapore. It might…

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Considering Ballet Exams as an Adult?

Are you thinking of doing ballet exams as an adult? Here is an article about the current situation of those who are considering doing ballet exams as an adult. This page refers to the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations…

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Adult Ballet Teachers

Ballet Teaching Style And your student-teacher relationship Adult Ballet Teachers – This article is about managing the student-teacher relationship as adults. In my couple of years of dancing as an adult dancer and taking lots of classes from different teachers,…

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