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Stretching before class
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Stretch Before Class!

In my book and in several articles like this one, I have said you don’t need flexibility to start learning ballet and that you will become more flexible over time. At some point however, you would probably want to be…

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Straighten that back leg!

A recent habit I’ve been trying to acquire is to lengthen and fully straighten both my legs during a tendu, jete, fondu (or rather, coming up from a fondu), grand battement… and pretty much all the time during ballet class….

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A good teacher's ballet eyes are extremely sharp
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Ballet Eyes

How to develop a good eye for ballet? What does it mean to have “ballet eyes”? This means you are able to see what is correct/incorrect in someone’s dancing as well as find ways to improve their dancing (sometimes it…

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Ballet pencil test
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Ballet Pencil Test (Pelvis Placement)

For years and years, I couldn’t understand why teachers from all the different ballet classes that I had been attending kept harping on my ballet posture placement. They either use both hands to adjust my hip, scratch my hip flexor…

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lifted pelvis
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Lift & don’t release the Pelvis

Hi everyone, this is the first article of my “advanced’ series on Adult Ballet Diaries. I’m not professing to be an pro dancer, but I am spending some time studying with professionals about how to get there. These notes are…

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