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How to take RAD exams as an adult

This is my story of how I managed to learn the RAD ballet syllabus as an adult and eventually take RAD exams. This article is a diary entry on how I managed to take RAD exams in Singapore. It might…

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Adult Dancer To Ballet Teacher

Read about my 2013 interview with Cecilia from Brazil, who became first an adult ballet dancer and over the years she became teaching ballet to other adult beginners herself. She has qualified and passed RAD Intermediate ballet examsa s an adult…

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My Interview with Kathy Mata

Read my interview with Kathy Mata – an inspirational adult ballet teacher and a pioneer in the ballet community by having an adult ballet company. I first learned about Kathy Mata via an inspirational adult ballet documentary. I later met…

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Adult Ballet Company – Kathy Mata Ballet

Read about the very unique and inspirational adult ballet teacher Kathy Mata, who has also formed her very own adult ballet company. The company performs several times a year for many charitable causes. As an adult ballet enthusiast, I often…

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