By Anne Molina
From Cainta, Rizal, philippines

I am Anne Molina, 43 years old and I am currently a manager for a Real Estate Company in Manila Philippines.

I remember wanting to study ballet when I was a kid, but my parents discouraged me back then. aside from ballet being expensive with 4 older siblings also in school , they thought playing the piano was a better investment than ballet.

So growing up, I took every opportunity to dance, in dance clubs, all the way up to College, where I got the opportunity to join a Jazz Dance Company….in Manila, dance classes, ballet included, are expensive, so I took every opportunity I could get.

As I got older and worked my way up to the corporate ladder, I thought I already knew how to dance. I took occasional jazz classes, thinking I could dance anything.

It didn’t help that I got side tracked by group exercises at the gym, including Pilates, yoga and even Running.

Running on my 3rd half marathon with a sprained ankle, I was forced to rest for 8 weeks.

My eldest sister, who had been studying ballet for more than a decade in New Jersey, since she was 35, encouraged me to go back to dancing, and try ballet. She said I looked bulky and short because of running.

I took on the challenge and tried out my first Adult Ballet class. I thought it was going to be a breeze. I was wrong.

I wanted to cry on my first class, as I was overwhelmed with my more advance classmates. The ballet terms, the structure and the discipline of ballet, shocked me.

But instead of being discouraged, I enrolled myself 3x a week, as I found myself studying ballet with, 8 to 12 year old girls in the elementary level.

I progressed fast, and joined the christmas recital more than a year after, having been cast to 3 Nutcracker dances: Russian, Waltz of the Flower and Snowflakes (for the intermediate / advance level). Boy, I was soooo proud of myself.

Last December 2013, I joined the intermediate / advance class in performing Don Quixote. To dance along teenagers who are old enough to be my daughters, gives me enough joy and happiness. It doesn’t hurt that they have become my friends as well, and come to me for grown up problems.

Also, I am also lucky to have found a very good teacher in my ballet school. As soon as she saw my dedication and passion, she treated me no differently from any of her intermediate / advance students, pushing my technique and skills, without regard to my age. For this I am grateful. I wouldn’t be at my level now, if my teacher hadn’t believed in me.

On April 20 2014, I celebrate my 4th year of studying Ballet. I have never felt stronger and leaner in my years of being physically active.

I fell in love with Ballet and never looked back. I have never been soo happy.

Not only was I able to pursue a childhood dream, but through my journey, I have been able to wonderful people and gained precious friends.

For me, it was never too late to appreciate the discipline and tradition of ballet.

Ballet, in a way, has given me life anew.

Submitted: Fri Apr 18 2014


Jan 26, 2015
True: better Late than Never
by: Anonymous

Love your story Anne. I also started ballet very very late…at 38.

Feb 25, 2015
I love your story! NEW
by: Cicely

Wow, I love your story. I am 38 and have been taking beginner adult ballet classes for a year and a half – restarting ballet after a 20 year hiatus. I recently decided I wanted to progress to pointework, which I did briefly as a teenager but I feel much more serious about it now than I did even then = mostly because as an adult, I have much more control over how many classes I am able to afford/attend. Because I am the only adult at my studio who has a goal of pointework, I take several classes per week, and I am also in classes with kids young enough to be my own – in fact, I moonlight in my daughters intermediate/advanced technique class. I also consider many of them my friends and enjoy that they look at me for inspiration and courage to do anything they want to do in life.

I “reverance” you, my fellow grown-up ballerina. Its a fun, challenging, rewarding club to be a part of 🙂

Feb 25, 2015
Thank you NEW
by: Anne

Thank you for your nice comments.

Let us continue to dance until we can.

This 2015 marks my 5th year in Ballet, at age 44.

After 2 recitals, 1 gala performance for Ballet Philippines ( we performed Don Quixote variations ) and 3 classes per week, i am still at it!

I will never ever stop. I shall keep dancing till i can.

Cicely, i have become friends with my classmates whose mothers are younger than me, i think these kids keep me young.

Thank you for sharing my passion.

For my ballet pictures ( just in case you are interested to look at it ) you may find me at Facebook thru or instagram at annemolina403.