By Sarah
From England UK

I took ballet class when I was young too, probably for a year or so then stopped.

My family moved and not until I was about 14 did I get back into my ballet lessons, by this time I wanted so badly to be a professional my heart ached. My teacher helped me so much, and at age 17 I got into a 3 year dance college where the focus was very much on the classical technique.

I worked so hard for the first 2 years, taking every class I could, even the early grade work, I was determined to catch up with my peers.

In my 3rd year I had attained a good standard, unfortunately never near good enough to do ballet as a career sadly.

At that time (1993-95) it was the old RAD work and I took my inter ballet exam for that and my ISTD Advanced classical ballet exam too. I even passed my RAD student-teacher exam with a distinction, so really for a tall, quite stiff and late starting girl, I had done really well.

After college I went off working as a commercial dancer for a good few years then finally one winter when I was home in Cumbria UK met my now husband, had children and dance slipped off the radar for a long time.

In between times I’ve done the odd teaching role and took some classes. However this year , 2014 ,now at 38 years old, my children are older , and I have more me time,I have started working on the old RAD inter class work, I’m even back on pointe.

I’m getting stronger each week and enjoying the way my body is getting back it’s old classical ballet shape.

Unfortunately in this part of England, there is only one school I can go to, but they are doing show work until June, so I’m dancing alone until then, but I don’t mind.

I am feeling very determined to get back to being the best ballet dancer I can be again, I still feel that heartache when I hear classical music as I’ve never stopped wishing I could have been a ballet dancer, but then I would not have my beautiful children, I guess things happen for a reason!

Well that’s my story. I even danced in Japan many years ago, in a place called Kinegawa.

Many thanks for this site, it’s good to find other adults like me,


Submitted Wed Mar 26 2014


Feb 21, 2015
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by: andrea

Your story is so much like mine! I’m in the u.s. I started at 15, got a degree in dance in college, at 28 stopped because I had children. Did some odd teaching here and there too, took a few classes but nothing consistent until I was 40! Started up again, been two years now. The best part though is my 10 yr old son has decided he wants to do ballet too!