Adult Ballet – From Beginners to Intermediate ebook

Thinking of taking up ballet for the first time as an adult? Or perhaps you’re wondering if you’re too old to go back to ballet? Coming back to ballet as an adult has been a rather surprising, interesting and rewarding journey for me.

Available as an ebook or paperback

In this book, I share my journey of learning to dance ballet as an adult, which I found was different and challenging in ways very different from when I had been a child. I had to overcome challenges in flexibility and coordination, amongst other things.

I will also introduce ballet to the adult beginner: how to choose the right class, what to wear and what to expect. I will also include on methods which you can take to progress effectively in ballet, such as eventually going en pointe, developing artistry, taking ballet examinations and much more.


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Otherwise, the paperback is available for purchase. Buy Paperback here -> Adult Ballet Paperback

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